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Several smaller children playing with toys on a carpet in the classroom.

Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class webpage below.

Name of Educator Class Webpage
Ms. N. Nardi/Ms. R. Issa Kindergarten
Ms. B. Sadler/Ms. A. Collura Kindergarten
Ms. C. Leeming/Mrs. J. Chong


Mme. C. Lamb 
Mme. H. Rogers 
Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Mrs. A.M. Stott-Lander  Grade 1/2 
Mme. A. Perreault 
Mme. A. Bilotto 
Grade 2 (French Immersion)
Ms. A. Cherayil  Grade 2/3 
Mme. G. Visconti  Grade 3 (French Immersion)
Mr. F. Lapena  Grade 3 (Extended French)
Mrs. S. Lelievre 

Grade 3/4

Mme. K. Jeffery  Grade 4 (French Immersion)
Ms. C. McCabe 
Mr. D. Tysko 
Grade 4/5

Ms. C. Evans 
Mr. F. Ortencio 

Grade 5

Mme. B. Barker 

Grade 5 (French Immersion)

Mme. K. Rojas 

Grade 5 (Extended French)

Mme. K. Duquette  Grade 6 (French Immersion)
Mr. E. Kabera 

Grade 6 (Extended French)
Ms. S. O'Connor  Grade 6
Mr. J. Bryant  Grade 7
Mme. B. Langan  Grade 7 (Extended French)

Ms. M. Crawford 

Grade 7/8

Mr. J. Ferguson 
Ms. J. Dehaney 

Grade 8
Mrs. S. Paul Librarian
Ms. D. Love 
Ms. S. Shu
Program Support
Ms. L. MacLellan   French as a Second Language

Ms. S. Drake (French Immersion)
Mr. C. Labow (French Immersion)
Ms. F. Mazjoub (French Immersion)
Ms. A. Roach

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