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Members of St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School administrative team

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-839-1844.

Name Grade/Position
Mr. J. Raper Principal
Mrs. S. Paul Vice-Principal
Ms. P. Weeks Head Secretary
Mrs. J. Nazzaro Assistant Secretary
Ms. D. D'Mello/Ms. S. Deviveiros Kindergarten
Ms. E. Pichut/Ms. A. Collura Kindergarten

Ms. K. Chung/Ms. A. Wray

Ms. K. Duff



Mme. W. Keldi
Mme. S. Drake
Grade 1 FI
Grade 1 FI
Ms. B. Sadler Grade 1/2 English
Mme. A. Perreault 
Mme. A. Bilotto 
Grade 2 FI
Grade 2 FI
Ms. S. Lelievre Grade 2/3 English
Mme. G. Visconti 
Mr. F. Lapena 

Grade 3 FI
Grade 3 FI

Ms. A. Cherayil

Grade 3/4 English

Ms. C. McCabe
Mme. H. Rogers

Grade 4 FI
Grade 4/5 FI

Mme. B. Barker Grade 5 FI

Ms. C-A. Evans

Grade 5 English

Mme. K. Duquette 
Mr. F. Ortencio
Ms. S. O'Connor 
Grade 6 FI
Grade 6 FI
Grade 6 English

Ms. R. Morgan
Mme. M. Majzoub

Grade 7 Extended French
Grade 7/8 Extended French

Mr. J. Bryant 
Mme. B. Langan 


Grade 7 English
Grade 7 FI

Mr. J. Ferguson 
Ms. J. Dehaney 

Grade 8 FI
Grade 8 English
Mrs. S. Paul Librarian
Ms. S. Gad
Ms. S. Shu
Program Support
Ms. J.  Loudfoot   
Ms. J. Bukowski           
Ms. C. Stewart    
Educational Assistants
Ms. L. MacLellan   French as a Second Language

Ms. T. Lorenc
Mr. E. Kabera
Ms. A.M. Stott-Lander
Ms. A. Macciocchi

Curriculum Coverage

Mr. R. Moran (Chief Custodian)
Mr. Z.  Georgiadis
Ms. T. Bauman 



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