Staff Directory

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-839-1844.

Name Position / Grade
Mrs.Cappuccitti Principal
Mrs. Frederick Vice-Principal 
Ms.Mione Head Secretary
Mrs.Chung / Ms.Wray Kindergarten
Mrs.Marples / Ms.Zhang Kindergarten
Ms.Straub Kindergarten
Ms.Stott-Lander / Ms.Collura Kindergarten
Mme.Robinette Grade 1/2 FI
Mme.Drake Grade 1/2 FI
Mrs.Reilly Grade 1/2 
Mrs.Dolphin Grade 1/2 
Mrs.Phillips Grade 2/3 
Mme. Bilotto Grade 2/3 FI
Mme. Langlois Grade 3 FI
Mr.Bryant Grade 4/5
Mrs.Prisriotto Grade 4 FI
Mme.D'Mello Grade 4/5 FI
Mme.Barker Grade 5/6 FI
Mr.Ortencio Grade 5 /6 
 Mr.Kobylski Grade 6/7 FI
 Ms.LaRue Grade 7/8
 Mr.Minichiello Grade 7/8 
Mme.Nishan Grade 7/8 FI
Mrs.McCrory Program Support
Mrs.Frederick Program Support - 0.5
Mrs.Stephen Educational Assistant
Mrs.Wall Educational Assistant
Ms.Sankar Educational Assistant
Ms.Dinovo Librarian
Mlle.Maclellan Core French & FI Curriculum Coverage
Ms. Romagnuolo Curriculum Coverage
Mme. Visconti FI Curriculum Coverage
Mme. Langan FI Curriculum Coverage
Mr. Bryne Chief Custodian
Mrs.Domenichi Custodian
Mrs. Salameh ESL Teacher
Mr. Chor Social Worker
Mrs.Edgecombe Child & Youth Counsellor
Mrs. Correira Psychologist
Mrs. Plaunt Speech & Language Pathologist
Mrs. Dehaney Intermediate Guidance Teacher

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