Staff Directory

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-839-1844.

Name Grade/Position
Mr. Jim Raper Principal
Mrs. S. Paul Vice-Principal
Ms. P. Weeks Head Secretary
Ms. A. Wyse Assistant Secretary
Ms. N. Nardi/Ms. R. Issa Full-Day Kindergarten
Ms. B. Sadler/Ms. A. Collura Full-Day Kindergarten
Ms. C. Leeming/Mrs. J. Chong

Full-Day Kindergarten

Mme. C. Lamb 
Mme. H. Rogers 
Grade 1
Mrs. A.M. Stott-Lander  Grade 1/2 
Mme. A. Perreault 
Mme. A. Bilotto 
Grade 2
Ms. A. Cherayil  Grade 2/3 
Mme. G. Visconti 
Mr. F. Lapena 
Grade 3
Mrs. S. Lelievre 

Grade 3/4

Mme. K. Jeffery Grade 4
Ms. C. McCabe 
Mr. D. Tysko 
Grade 4/5

Mme. B. Barker 
Ms. C. Evans 
Mr. F. Ortencio 
Mme. K. Rojas 

Grade 5

Mme. K. Duquette 
Mr. E. Kabera 
Ms. S. O'Connor 
Grade 6
Mr. J. Bryant 
Mme. B. Langan 
Grade 7

Ms. M. Crawford 

Grade 7/8

Mr. J. Ferguson 
Ms. J. Dehaney 

Grade 8
Mrs. S. Paul Librarian
Ms. D. Love 
Ms. S. Shu
Program Support
Ms. S. Yap Sam    
Ms. J. Armstrong
Ms. J.  Loudfoot    
Ms. J. Northam
Ms. S. Scalzo            
Ms. K. Deuchars        
Educational Assistants
Ms. L. MacLellan   French as a Second Language

Ms. S. Drake 
Mr. C. Labow 
Ms. F. Mazjoub 
Ms. A. Roach

Curriculum Coverage
Mr. R. Moran 
Mr. T. Castellan 
Ms. T. Bauman 



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